japanese Customs Regulations

Japan Customs Information

The following goods may be imported into Japan without incurring customs duty:

• 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 500g of tobacco or 500g of a combination of these.
• Three bottles (approximately 0.76l each) of spirits.
• 56ml of perfume.
• Gifts up to the value of ?200,000.

There is no duty free allowance for alcohol or tobacco products for travelers aged 19 years or younger. Oral declaration is necessary on arrival at customs.

Prohibited Imports
Counterfeit, altered or imitated coins, paper money, banknotes or securities; all plants with soil; most meats and fruits; animals without health certificates; firearms and ammunition; narcotics; obscene articles and publications (including films). Visitors should be aware that in Japan cold and flu medication containing stimulants are illegal. You are not permitted to take commonly available nasal decongestant medication such as Sudafed and Vicks Inhalers into Japan.

Japan Customs Website: http://www.customs.go.jp/english/index.htm